As requested by our Youth Action Group we are thrilled to announce our new project called STOP THE BULL, Standing Tall Against Bullying

As a charity we believe it is time that we take a united stand against bullying and create a safe, inclusive space for everyone.

In our time of being a registered charity we have noticed that bullying is on the rise and that it affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

This project will help people that have suffered from bullying by teaching:

  • Anti-Bullying Avoidance Techniques
  • Self/Situational Awareness
  • Stress/Mindset Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Consultancy/Advocacy
  1. Karen Shepherd

    My daughter did jujitsu years ago and was a black belt junior. I would like my now 9 year old granddaughter to do this or MMA. will you let me know if you have classes suitable.


    • Good Evening,

      Hope you’re well.

      We have a Street Safe Self Defence class every Saturday which gives an introduction into the mixed martial arts, but also helps with their skills using real world scenarios such as being bullied, what to do in that situation and how to cope with it mentally. But developing the confidence to be able to deal with it the right way.

      We also host ‘NXT Generation MMA’ a class teaching anti-bullying avoidance techniques, with the opportunity to compete in competitions.

      Street Safe Self Defence is on every Saturday 10-12am
      NXT Generation MMA is on Wednesday and Fridays 5-6pm

      Many thanks

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