Roseberry Community Consortium was created to help marginalised and underpriveleged children across Teesside in 2010, we have ran projects including Plot to Plate, a healthy eating and garden project, StarmakerZ a music and dance project offering access for all children/young people to learn guitar, drums, piano and dancing. Dyspraxia Support Group runs to support young people, adults and parent/carers living with Dyspraxia. Art Angels a neuro-diversity project to encourage well being through creative activity for young people suffering through mental or physical health problems.

All of our work is free to the end user and we now have our own facilities at Skinner Street, Stockton on Tees our Community Activity Hub is available for other groups to hire at a reduced rate, we do not want to make a profit, but we do have overhead costs to cover, we have no paid staff, no company cars, we do what we do because we are passionate about Teesside and we want every penny of every donation to go towards our projects.

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